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Hope everyone is doing well! :)

I'm on winter break from school right now and am busy crafting holiday accessories. lol :D I wish I had started sooner so I could send them out to people before Christmas, but alas! I'm tardy as usual. Winter goes on till like the end of January right?? ^.^;

Anyhoo, my finals went well. Somehow I passed. :) Definitely need to work harder next semester. Can't believe I'm almost done! 

I don't know what kind of resolutions to make for next year. I never seem to keep them. As always it'll be along the lines of draw more, sew more, and be a better me. I would definitely like to exercise more and find a better way to manage my time. I always feel like there isn't enough time, but there are pockets of it everywhere. It probably doesn't help that I just started playing Tomodachi Life. It's like Animal Crossing, but with Miis living in an apartment. Basically, you just feed, clothe them and help them make friends with each other. It's hilarious when you model them after fictional and non-fictional people. :D Right now, Batman is best friends with Harry Potter, and Sailor V is dating Yukimura from Samurai Warriors. XD

Well, that is all for now. I'm uploading some old art and hat photos to a new folder in my gallery. It's my portfolio for Fanime 2015. I want to sell mini top hats, but have a few prints as well. Maybe some 70s style anime stuff with the huge sparkly eyes! XD I've been looking at some art by Macoto Takahashi. Totally :heart: it!! lol If I get in, I'll draw a sparkly eyed colossal titan! :D
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Hola Tracy how are you doing?

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Thank you for faving Sora and the Heartless! :D 
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You're welcome! :)
Thank ya' kindly for the fav.
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You're welcome! :)
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