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Summer is rapidly leaving me and once again, I can't believe how little I got done! >_< Thank goodness for GISHWHES! I always find that I end up creating at least one interesting piece of art during that time. :) What I love about this scavenger hunt is seeing all the seemingly impossible and always awesome things that my teammates and other teams are able to create and do. Of course with all large events, there is some drama here and there. Apparently, some participants either don't know how to be polite or were just purposefully being mean. Who knows. We got some rude comments on one of our video items, and I heard some people replied nastily to others who wouldn't help them with an item. I only hope those instances were few and that next year, people can be a little more mature. Before posting something online, it's good to just take a second and think about it. Ask yourself, "Do I really need to make this comment? Will it help in the long run? Is it constructive? Has it been stated 20 times in the post above me? How would this make me feel if someone said this to me?" It's so easy to just type and submit, but be careful. Even if you delete something on the internet, it's sometimes always saved elsewhere. So that hurtful remark you wrote when you were whatever age or when you weren't really thinking could come back to haunt you later, but if you don't care about that or the feelings of the person you're talking to, then oh well. I don't know what to say to you.

So yeah. I start classes in about 2 weeks and then I finish up in the spring. I'm already stressing out over classes. :/ I know I shouldn't think so far ahead, but I have trouble finding a balance. I tend to think of the worst possible scenarios, and then I try to not think about anything, but that just leaves me unprepared.

I started a bunch of anime this season, but so far I've only been keeping up with Free!. I feel like it's a lot better than last season. It seems like there's a bit more swimming and the jokes are funnier. I also really like that Rin has his own group now and that they're focusing more on the other character's problems. They should push it to the extreme though and make Makoto join a biker gang or should have made Nagisa's family super terrible, but whatever. XD I also watched a few episodes of City Hunter. Ryo Saeba is cool, but pervy. lol I thought I was really behind in Sailor Moon Crystal, but since it comes out every 2 weeks there's only been a few new episodes. Oh yeah! I'm watching Black Butler: Book of Circus too. That one has funny scenes too, but I know the ending is gonna be so angsty!

Also, I highly recommend the 1998 "Great Teacher Onizuka" live action drama. It's really funny and of course has some good drama. The only frustrating thing is when someone does something that you think they couldn't possibly get away with doing and then you find out yes, they got away. (I'm talking about other students and teachers. Not Onizuka) Aside from that, it's pretty good. I haven't read the manga or watched the anime though. I'm just saying, as a stand alone drama I liked it. The tv movie they made was alright, but the 1999 movie was really weird. It's like they tried to cram all the themes from the drama into one movie without any of the original cast, except for Onizuka. There's also a drama remake out now too.

Animal Boyfriend. lol Is anyone playing this game on their smart phones? It's cute, but the menus are little confusing. Basically, you choose an animal and it becomes a dude. Then you can have him study to gain attributes toward a personality type or let him work to earn K. You use K to buy outfits, accessories and backgrounds for him. :D That's the best part, but it sucks because it takes a while to make K. :P Anyhoo, it's just something fun to have on your phone that you can check in on when you're bored.

lol. I typed another big wall of text. Thanks for reading and hope everyone's remaining days of summer are relaxing and if you want, productive. :) Take care out there in this crazy world. :peace:
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