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I'm running out of creative journal titles! >_< Anyhoo! It's mid-September. I'm in my 4th week of school and I'm already stressed out! :P Most of the stress is just me overthinking things and getting overwhelmed when I probably shouldn't. I definitely need better problem-solving/coping/relaxing skills or something. We're learning about mental health right now so I'm kind of seeing the negative way I tend to think. ^.^; At least there are interventions in the book!

A couple days ago we started watching a new J-drama during dinner. It's called "No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35" and basically it's about a woman who goes back to high school at the age of 35! It's kind of like Onizuka in that the kids are super rowdy and the teachers are kind of uncaring. Each episode deals with the woman helping a student with a problem and then befriending them at the end. However, her personality is totally different from Onizuka and it's still a bit of a mystery why she's there. Fun fact: The character Saegusa Teppei is played by Nishii Yukito who played Ciel in the 2nd Kuroshitsuji musical! :D It's crazy because he's a teenager now and I almost didn't recognize him. lol

Well, that is it for now. :peace:

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